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Injectable Service

Injectable Service

Medical integrations provides a turn key service providing additional treatement modalities and income stream to your already successful clinic.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections

Our team of trained and insured nurses will come to your place of business prepared and equipped to provide safe image guided PRP injections for your patients.

Product and equipment

Medical integrations team provides everything!

  • - Product, centrifuge, all sharps including removal.
  • - MSK ultrasound device for precise injections.
  • - Electronic records software for safe patient record storage.

What else is included in the fee?

A licence medical director providing nursing team full direction and scope of practice. Full insurance, including general company liability as well as Mal practice insurance for nurses and MD. No additional insurance needed from the clinic.

How to prepare for injection day.

Your clinic will provide a private, sterile location for the patient to receive the treatment. We require a minimum of 8 prescheduled appointment on a scheduled day.